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Mobile Telesolutions,TM registered name Vaibhav Mobile Teleshoppe Private Limited. We are a consulting based organisation. We consult on Advertising, Creativity and Technology, on the mobile platform. Everything you dream of - for your customer, can be achieved, on the mobile - on the Move. We assist in delivering information to your customers on all networks across India, GSM & CDMA, 24x7 !

Effective promotions, targeted and focused group based strategy deployment, and marketing plans? roll out across all mobile phone users, needs less to say, provides a brand to reach out to a zillion people simultaneously !!

With different Industry verticals tapped, we are focusing on Brand based strategic last mile roll outs on the Mobile Platform, Backoffice management, and Loyalty programs specialized in targeting the focused audiences of your organisation.

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At Telesolutions, we provide services which assist you in your daily business needs and help address the requirement of the customer services and Revenue generation.

We can assist you with Digital Marketing Services to backend client services including CRM, Sales Management and Attendance Management for Field Force.

We can assist you with you promotions to generate revenue by offering you Integrated Digital Marketing Services which will address all the needs of Marketing, well most of it.

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Case Studies

We have case studies across varied sectors. We have activated Digital Services across Government, POLITICAL Parties, and Leading Private Payers.

If you have a particular Industry in mind, about which you may want to know, then write to us on email case study and share some details, we will be happy to send you a detailed reply on it.

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